Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I can get 3 full fingers in..

ok, reading that back its not the best headline in the world and may even attract some pretty strange google hits...but I am really quite pleased that I can shove 3 fingers in. ;)

My jaw has been getting looser and looser, possibly due to the regular massage, but more likely due to my stubbern willingness to let my body do its own thing and try to allow my yawns to go the distance. They don't yet..but each time I am aware of a little bit more stretching, some tearing, an occasional fair bit of pain and ultimatly a wider and wider yawn.

Still can't quite manage to get a full blown yawn out but I do feel its very close, perhaps on the aniversary of my surgery?

And as a measure of how wide I can now open I can put 3 fingers in (no pinky's) without scraping teeth...Considering at one point I could barely put 1 finger in and had to squish food into my mouth, this is a huge improvement. Doughnuts no longer hold any fear!.

Nothing much else to report, physio is still ongoing, doc/dentist appointment on April 1st. Depression seems to be under control, though I have been putting off making an appointment with the counciller...not sure why...just want to see how things go.

Might have a crack at a big mac soon.... :D

Saturday, 5 March 2011

oops sorry

Not been a lot to report, having regular physio facials with nothing much to say, aside from the fact the trainee physio has been having a go and a butterfly flapping on my face would have more impact...which is nice but probably not very effective.

I had a dental hygenist visit, much more sadism on show there, have to go every quarter for a couple of years.

And have a trip to the Doc and dentist lined up to discuss a plate in my right side as well as a possible implant on the left side to plug a missing tooth and improve my chewing ability. It seems the insurance are happy to pay for this so thats all good.

I'll update if anything interesting happens....

oh oh there is something, my mouth opening is definitly getting wider, through yawning, it hurts and sometimes it hurts more the next day but there is no doubt continued yawns are causing my mouth to open wider and wider.

Sadly still no sign of lip control so occasional biting of my lip when eating is still a problem, but at least I have a lot of feeling there now so I can feel when I am biting.