Friday, 10 August 2012

Nothing to see here

Jan, (thats Dhrs Van Gemert to you) is not worried about the spot, I have  touch of gingivitus and its just a bit irritated...I can't use really strong mouthwashes, they burn like you would not believe, but I'll try a different brand and see if it helps...oh and I have to visit the trainee royal torturer...I mean Dental Hygenist...gahhh

If it gets bigger or hangs around when the gingivitus is under control then I can go back in, but he's not worried and did my normal check up while I was there, so next update might not be till December

hope so!!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

oh dear

I've got a lump..

its tiny, and frankly can only feel it with my tongue. but its there...similar kind of "might be a spot", thing that I had when this all started.

Trouble is its not on the site of the orginal, its on the upper gum above the original.

As always with these things it probably is nothing more than a stubborn gum boil refusing to heal, but its about 3 weeks now...since I noticed it.

I've booked an appointment on Friday to get it checked... If it is nasty its going to be quick and easy to get rid of at an early stage..I'm not making the mistake of putting it off like I did before.

Under the circumstances, a little bit of over protective paranoia won't do me any harm.

I'll update as I know more.