Wednesday, 7 May 2014

countdown to more work

Check up done, nothing nasty found, but unlucky I still have to have my wisdom tooth removed since it is the cause of my recent discomfort which is apparently muscular. the muscle attaching my jaw is stretching in odd ways sometimes around the tooth and creating pain....

He was going to take it out today, but I have a gig on Saturday where I will be singing some numbers so can't afford to have sore mouth....(phew that was a useful excuse to have in the bag)

It does however have to come out on the 27th June :(
Aside from that all is fine, I also have to see the prosthetics dentist to have something to build up my jaw line again. Not sure what at the moment but I'll go with it. The current prosthetic is slightly uncomfortable to use and totally useless for eating so I don't bother with it now.

So nothing to report for now..will update you in June.