Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Well I think I finally managed that full yawn a couple of times this week. But in the process I have hurt myself so not sure if I quite got the the crack point before it hurt
The muscles at the back of my jaw are now quite tender and a bit stiff, also inside my mouth there is a lot of tenderness and some pain, if I am eating/sneezing or otherwise causing my cheeks to puff...It may be a sign of something worrying but I think its just the muscles reacting to their 1st full stretch in over a year.

I also have noticed a bit more sideways movement of my jaw while mouth is open wide, though not without some discomfort at the extremes, but again...its been a while and those muscles and tendons need a bit of easing in.

I have an appointment next week with the dental staff so will get them to have a proper look when I am staring up their noses, just to make sure.

In the meantime I have a cold and am again finding the numbness at the back of my throat to be a problem as snot drains away at the back but I don't always get the message to swallow..cue occasional coughing fits as I breath rather than swallow.

I have decided not to continue with my physio, mainly becuase of the disruption it causes trying to juggle appointments and work. Also I think we ran out of major benefits some time back. Its pleasent enough and after a few weeks there is a buildup of stiffness but I want to try to sort that myself. I bought a small non sexual vibrator, designed to ease away worry and laughter lines according to the bumph..I'm using that to stimulate the swollen and tight scar areas of my surgical site.

Anyway...better try and get some sleep, colds and coughing fits don't make for easy sleeping but I am now quite tired.