Friday, 27 January 2012

Quarterly checkups

Not been a lot of cancer related stuff to report, which is of course the best thing, in an ideal world I should not have to ever update this blog again, but I do of course still have to do the quarterly checkups..

And thats the subject of todays was fast, I'll say that, bit of a feel around, check inside, a few questions about health. Done! I again asked about the scar mass in my neck that is still tender and can feel lumpy, but was again told its just due to there being no fat in my neck so all the muscle tissues and scar tissue are more evident.

Also he pointed out that as we approach the 2 year mark, we are moving out of the danger zones, 1st year being most likly to have problems, less in 2nd year and odds improving continually. So that is indeed nice to hear.

Nothing to report then, all clear for another 3 months.
So forgive me reader if I say I hope to not post anything more, other than useful info/tips for another 3 months or so.

Next one is in May. speak then.