Saturday, 21 July 2012

Teething problems

There's not been a lot of things to post on here the last few months. But I know a few people are visiting so its only fair I make a effort to say a few things even if they seem very trivial to me they may mean something to others going though the recovery stage of oral cancer and jaw removal. Well...still no sign of a full jaw crackin yawn, I think I'm going to have to just deal with the fact thats not going to ever happpen again. The tendons in my right side were re-attached to my reduced jaw a little lower and therefore just can't stretch that far. When I get close to it, the full cracking point, I end up hurting the tendons resulting in some pain and swelling for a few days. As always I feel a bit like I have cotton wool in my mouth which is a little tender. My neck often feels a bit stiff and tight on the skin level, and I do have permenant sore spots there. I'm starting to talk a bit more like Slystallone too, out of the side of my mouth. Feeling has pretty much returned with a slight numbness on my right lower lip, but no control, the bottom right lip simple does not work so I can do a great "Don't push me " impression with realisitc lip paralysis. Its not a big problem though. I was given a prosthetic replacement for my gum/teeth area, but I didn't find it especially beneficial, it hurts when I chew on it (there's no gum on the bone) and it needs to be cleaned after eating (or removed before you start). So I've not really bothered with it a lot. Today though I decided to put it in for the 1st time in a couple of months and noticed immediatly that one of my top teeth as biting down on it. A sure sign that that took has started to grow down with no opposing tooth to prevent it. This really is the main cause of todays post, its a minor thing but something to be noted.. with no teeth under them the top teeth with slowly move down and eventually drop out...even though I don't chew that side any more I don't really want to lose the teeth so I'm going to make more effort to wear the prosthetic to prevent futher "droppage"