Saturday, 20 April 2013

checkup fine, normal dental services to be resumed

The delayed checkup went fine, nothing to worry about, though we have decided to remove my redundant upper wisdom tooth next time I am in as it tends to make the jaw a little painful when the tendon rubs against it..its also a bugger to get clean as its a bit bent out of shape back there.. He offered to do it there and then, gulp...but I chickened out, a sore mouth was not my plan for this weekend, so I would rather wait till the next visit and psych myself up for it.

An Xray was taken just to see how everything is, all good, no sign of descending teeth, I guess the prothesis which I use from time to time, is keeping all the teeth in place.

Also as its now 3 years, give or take a week, we can reduce the visits to every 5 months now :) And I need to start going back to my normal dentist for routine torture, I mean cleaning and such.

In other news.

I was contacted recently by a campaigner in the US called Cameron von St. James who with his wife actively promotes awareness of mesothelioma, who wanted to post on my blog.. I thought carefully about that, but decided I wanted to maintain this blog as a simple personal experience of what I have been through to act as information to others.

I think it might muddy the waters if other topics were to be posted here, but in the land of the interwebs we should all try to help out and raise awareness so I agreed to post a link to his and his wife's blogs.
You can find them here.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Damn I missed it.

Thats good isn't it?
I actually let April 6th pass by without a thought. 3 years since my diagnosis. Life moves on as it always does.
I still have check ups, though I accidentally missed my March one and re-scheduled for April 19th.
I still miss being able to yawn.
I still have nagging pain that comes and goes depending on when I last tried to yawn.
I still am terrified of sore throats and colds.

I'm still here.

 Overall....its good that I missed April the wasn't really a very special day.