Monday, 31 October 2011

Yawning...has consequences

I was ever so close...just that tiny fraction away from a couple of proper yawns last week...But they hurt...and it seems I've done some damage...which has resulted in more swelling and pain in my jaw, and we're back to the old days of restricted 2-3 finger opening, and pain...rather a lot of it.

Its nothing to worry about really, I stretched the muscles a bit too far going for the yawns and tore some fibres, and now I have to wait for things to heal again but it means I'm back to doing my finger and thumb push ups on my teeth to stop things siezing up. Worse still is not being able to eat cleanly keeps banging on my teeth and falling of the fork...bahh.

As usual, I'll give it a week or so to settle down and if no improvement will go see the doc.

One new tongue...does not feel quite so numb down the edge as it has done...its not that I have regained feeling as such..just that the actual sensation is different, like I'm no longer aware of the numbness...hard to explain really.. This may also be why I've noticed a slightly more pronounced speech defect in my voice when I am recording my terrible singing, certain sounds are just not coming through as clearly as previous recordings and I sound like I have something in my mouth when talking/singing...its subtle but I have noticed it.
Something to keep an eye on...or an ear!!

Friday, 14 October 2011

all fine

lumps and bumps are nothing to worry about, I just have less flesh and fatty tissue on my neck so I feel things more sharply that you would expect.

check up in 3 months.

Thursday, 6 October 2011


Appointment booked for 14th Oct.

Just as a small note, prothesis is becomeing much more wearable, can keep it in for hours at a time now though eating does cause some cleaning does have 1 huge huge bonus, I'm sorry I ever doubted it.

When in place, the prothesis covers up the very ternder new "gum" area which can't abide chillies.....I can eat curry again ;) (so long as no sauce slips under :o)

Sooooo happy.

Monday, 3 October 2011

too damn quiet and worrying developments.

Ok nothing heard from the docs, since my last checkup. I missed my last appointment by accident and have been expecting to have a new appointment sent to continue checks, so far nothing...and now I'm a bit worried.

A lot of the swelling and fluid that surrounded my surgical site has eased away in the last couple of months, which is good. But its also allowed me to feel about a bit at my neck. Now granted it won't feel the same on the bad side as it does on the good site due to lots of missing fat and flesh an a couple of still tender spots, but it does appear to be quite bumpy there..How much of this is scar tissue and how much is natural bumps I don't know but given the nature of these things, bumps are a bit of a worry.

Also in the last week or so, my neck has been feeling quite uncomfortable and tight around the issues with eating swallowing or anything just a sense of discomfort and tightness....and today that discomfort has turned to very very mild pain...
I emphasise very mild but still..pain isn't good.

Have booked an appointment with Drs van Gemert via the online appointment system they have here, so hopefully will see him inside the week.

I must admit a very slight trepidation at the moment, I hope its nothing of course...
hmmm what to put...yes scared and worried..but its probably nothing at all...but posting here for posterity and the usual record keeping..

oh...before you get all worried mum...its almost certainly nothing at all, more likly a scar tissue problem so lets not get all moody and stressy...See what the doc says 1st.

I will keep you posted.