Sunday, 13 April 2014

Anyone there?

Its been a long time since I updated this hasn't it...which is of course the idea...but I guess anniversaries are important...and I missed it again :D

So 4 years on...I need to book a checkup, I've been a bit lazy about that after missing my last one chased it up and I couldn't really be bothered to hassle but I suppose prudence means I need to sort it.

So how am I?

Still not quite mastered the ancient art of yawning..though  I edge nanometres closer every time..and its stull hurts like hell.

I still have numbness in my neck which sometimes drives me a little mad, its also still tender at 1 or 2 spots under the numbness and I'm always aware of it, pain on scale of 1 -10 about a not really a problem...I probably need to get a massage again to drain whatever fluids are accumulated there...

My lip never fully recovered, but my speech was not badly affected and I learned to compensate but I do occasionaly fluff the odd song lyric. If my face is cold though it is totally useless and I do lisp then. I do occasionally still bite my lip if I am eating a burger or something but overall its good.
My tongue regained most of its movement and feeling over time, there's still a teeny bit of numbness but no danger of biting it and not noticing.

My radiation burnt beard never grew back, and I need to shave whats left every day or so to avoid strange looks of my half bearded face.

And that's about it...I seem to be in average health for an old fart of 50..a few aches and pains non cancer related.

The Anniversary of the surgery is coming up...I might book a dental appointment for a clean and polish just to remind myself of the pain :D

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