Monday, 12 September 2011


Not much happening at the moment, my last dentist appointment was a quick in an out to check that the prothesis isn't rubbing or causing too much pain.

Its not, though I have realised eating with it and wearing it for too long are no no's. But the dentist says I should stick with it. He does not want to see me for a year now so that side of things is over.

Now that I've had it a week or so though I am starting to question its worth..apart from the bit about stopping my upper teeth from falling out in time it does not really add much.

hmmm going to book a checkup, since I missed my last one, and they have a funny habit here of dropping you when you don't book followups at appointments. So that I can get my regular 3month checks done...

thats all for now!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Lotta metal

voila...the new teeth

Big chunka metal and artificial gum there. Also I should point out thos sharp looking points, are indeed sharp and I've pricked my lip/tongue a few times putting them in and taking them out.

tbh, I am finding the benefits hard to quantify, yes I can eat with it on my right side for the 1st time since my surgery, but nothing too hard, and after an hour or 2 it does start to feel a little uncomfortable. But I am trying to persevere and overcome that.

Eating with it in though is much more trouble than its worth, eating anything with it in means you need to go remove it and then brush your probably best to just remove it before eating.

Anyway...will keep going with it for now. My mouth still feels all strange and odd with its new teeth in place.

The implant is a fantastic success as I can now eat any kind of crunchy food, something I was unable to do before, but like the implant, I often find I must brush/pick/floss immediatly after....We'll have to see if this is going to be a constant, or just a bedding in process.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

New Teeth

Back from the dentist. My implant is in and feels ok, though perhaps its a tiny bit high so might need leveling on the next visit. At the moment I'm just getting used to biting down and I have to wait till my jaw muscles settle into a new pattern. It was screwed in pretty tight, then the screwhole plugged up with filler, it looks totally natural.

But more impressive, the prothesis on my right side is also in place and I have teeth again. A fact my tongue seems a bit put out about after having all that space to itself again.

It feels extremly odd, I have to say. The 1st thing I did when I got out of the dentist office was pop over to the hospital canteen to try some food. I only risked a sausage roll (This is Holland, there wasn't much more choice) but yeah, it was ok, I could chew on both sides, no discomfort, though as I said it does feel a bit odd. I wonder how it will cope with a nice steak!!

One thing though my tongue can't get up and over the prosthesis to clean the cheek pouch when and after eating, my tongue is weak/numb on that side so it seems to have problems. So I need to either practice that so my tongue regains that function, or make a point of cleaning after eating pretty much anything.

The thing is locked onto my remaining right and rear left side teeth with a bar under my front teeth. It all feels quite strange, and it also has front steel/tungsten/shiny whatever metal, at the front, so I have a distinct Jaw's from Bond look on that side..But since I can't smile on my bottom right that will never be seen.

I have never had dentures, so I am wonderng if this is how people feel when they have them fitted, like they have a gum shield in place.

Talking is very slightly altered too, I think its the toungue being pushed back into its normal place again and the area the tip of my tongue being slightly different,gives me a very slight lisp again...should sort itself out.

I'll post pics soon.